Our People

We're in the middle of a data revolution, and existing ways of managing information simply don't work anymore. INNOV-8 was founded by veteran lawyers, technologists, and business experts to radically reinvent how data is collected, analyzed, and used to help our clients and partners drive positive outcomes.

We created INNOV-8 because we saw in our own practices how inefficient our discovery process was -- and how a lack of robust data management & analytics tools was slowing us down. We wanted to perform better, and we needed a tool that would help us accomplish that. Now, we help organizations collect and manage their data in a productive way that creates tangible results.


Marlon Hylton


Daniel Mayers

Vice President, Technology Strategy and Innovation

Blair MacLellan

Principal Forensics Consultant

Raymond Seen

Senior Project Manager, E-Discovery and Forensics

Bryan Corbin

Managing Analyst, E-Discovery and Forensics

Gerald Peng

Principal Technical E-Discovery Consultant

Mitchell Kowalski

Principal Legal Operations Consultant

Our Review Team

Our team of talented lawyers and technologists brings experience and innovation to help you get great results at the right price. With flexible contracts, our lawyers and technologists from Canada and the Caribbean assists INNOV-8 and it’s clients on short-term projects and long-term engagements. Whatever your needs are, we can help you keep your costs under control without sacrificing quality.

The data revolution has changed law. You need a partner that has kept up.