Discovery Strategy

Expert legal support on issues of evidence and discovery

Save time and improve outcomes

The early stages of a matter have a large impact on the cost and outcome of litigation. 

Access expert legal support through INNOV-8 Data Counsel to ensure your discovery strategy is defensible and proportional. 

How Your Organization Benefits from the INNOV-8 Difference

Access to expert legal support through INNOV-8 Data Counsel
Reduce unnecessary exposure and financial risk with expert proportionality analysis
Bolster discovery motions
Develop comprehensive discovery protocol
Flexible pricing and enagement models

In-House Expertise

Discoveries can be complex. Whether dealing with issues of proportionality or issues of privilege, making defensible decisions is key to meeting obligations and avoiding sanctions. The inverse can be true, challenging opposing party's discovery protocol or discovery lists can be essential in ensuring the best outcome for your client. 

Our in-house discovery expertise provides you with the support needed to confidently make and defend your discovery decisions, and challenge the opposing side when appropriate. 

Discovery strategy can be as complex as the issues at hand. Gain the expertise of INNOV-8's discovery experience on your matters.


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