Full-Service Support & Legal Oversight Makes Collections Simple

Save Time and Achieve Better Results

Save time and achieve better results with our data-driven processes, legal experts, and team of expert technologists who can choose the right tool for the job. 

INNOV-8’s flexible, right-sized approach takes the effort out of collecting evidence.

How Your Organization Benefits from the INNOV-8 Difference

Access to expert legal support through INNOV-8 Data Counsel
No-stress, no-hassle collections
Seamless end-to-end approach
Purpose built for investigations
Bring order to chaos

Early Engagement Leads to Improved Results

We engage early on with your team to collect data identified during the identification and preservation stage. 

With forensically sound collections we can ensure that the data and it's metadata are preserved and collected, ready to be analyzed.

Bespoke Collections

Not all collections services are created equal; at INNOV-8, we’ve developed our own approach that better mitigates legal and compliance risks while offering more predictability around cost.

INNOV-8’s collections process is designed to satisfy both your client’s or company’s obligations under your jurisdiction's rules of civil procedure as well as the Sedona Principles, leveraging automation technology and data analysis to perform collections in a way that’s fast, accurate, and most importantly, legally defensible.

The sensitive nature of collecting data for an investigation requires a sensitive touch. Our team of lawyers and technologists can help..


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