Data Hosting and Management

Document processing and review hosting, with expert support

Secure, Right-Sized Solutions

Gain access to secure, right-sized data hosting and management solutions that fit the size and complexity of your matter. 

With the INNOV-8 toolbox and our team of veteran lawyers and technologists all in one place, we take the stress and uncertainty out of managing your data in investigations and litigation.

How Your Organization Benefits from the INNOV-8 Difference

Access to expert legal support through INNOV-8 Data Counsel
Right-sized toolbox approach
Flexible Managed Services offerings
Access to industry leading tools like RelativityOne
Guided implementation for faster adoption
Expert review support
AI-powered assisted review

Support at Any Stage

Whether engaging us at the beginning of an investigation or once data has already been collected, INNOV-8 is ready to help when and where you need it.

Flexible Engagement Models

With our flexible engagement models and toolbox approach, we offer a multitude of review hosting options.

Appropriate for files of all sizes, our transactional service model allows you to engage us on a specific matter, for whichever services are needed. From collection to hosting, review, and production we work with you to build a project plan and estimate that is mindful of budgetary objectives.

For organizations looking for a longer-term solution, we offer custom Managed Services Agreements (MSAs) that offer preferred rates for a flexible minimum monthly spend. Whether your average case is 1GB or 100TB, our MSAs can include monthly data volumes, users, and professional services all rolled into one price. 

You deserve a bespoke solution that fits your needs. Learn how we can help..


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