Privacy: FOI/ATIP Response

Clear Tracking and Reporting Manages Your Compliance Risk and Makes Your Process More Efficient

Accelerate Your Response.

The volume of FOI/ATIP requests have been increasing for most organizations. 

Accelerate your response with expert support from INNOV-8's FOI/ATIP team.

How Your Organization Benefits from the INNOV-8 Difference

Meaningful reports throughout the response process
Flexible pricing and enagement models
Scalable review teams
Streamlined response workflow
Improved response times
Turn-key disclosure index

End-to-End Support

Whether engaged on a transactional or long-term basis, our team can be engaged at any stage from collection to disclosure.

Flexible Engagement Models

With a backlog of FOI/ATIP requests created by the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are finding it difficult to keep up with such requests. INNOV-8's flexible FOI/ATIP services allow you to support your team with a variety of flexible engagement models.

For organizations with few large responses each year, our scalable team can assist on a request by request basis, allowing your team to focus on higher value tasks. 

For organizations that require more long-term assistance, our FOI/ATIP managed services offering allows you to outsource your entire FOI/ATIP workflow or augment your in-house department with INNOV-8's FOI/ATIP response team, whether using our systems or yours.

Whether engaged on a request by request basis, or as an outsourced or augmented managed service, we provide reports throughout the process, providing meaningful insight at every stage. Our team of seasoned FOI/ATIP professionals ensure your deadlines are met, and your obligations satisfied.

With tight timelines and serious privacy obligations, FOI/ATIP responses can be overwhelming for in-house teams. Our team of lawyers and technologists can help.


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