About INNOV-8

Fearless Legal Innovation.

The INNOV-8 Approach

We're in the middle of a data revolution, and existing ways of managing information simply don't work anymore. INNOV-8 was founded by veteran lawyers, technologists, and business experts to radically reinvent how data is collected, analyzed, and used to help our clients and partners drive positive outcomes.

Our Beginnings

INNOV-8 was founded by a veteran of major law firms and built around a multidisciplinary team of technologists and data management experts to reimagine how data is collected, analyzed, and used in the information age. We offer a radically different approach to information management that merges deep data expertise and legal experience to help organizations drive legendary business outcomes.

Our Technology

We are a Law Firm Supported by an Affiliated Technology Company that we own and control. This structure allows us to flexibly create technology-driven solutions that are better suited to legal practice and operations. Our approach:

Keeps the aspects of traditional law and legal services models that we know work, and discards those aspects that frustrate legal teams and business leaders.

Augments our team with lawyers and technologists in the Caribbean to help us deliver lower cost services for routine work.

Provides clients with the right tools for the job, along with support when you need it.

The INNOV-8 Family

Marlon Hylton


Daniel Mayers

Vice President, Technology Strategy and Innovation

Bryan Corbin

Managing Analyst, E-Discovery and Forensics

Blair MacLellan

Principal Forensics Consultant

Mitchell Kowalski

Principal Legal Operations Consultant

Gerald Peng

Principal Technical E-Discovery Consultant

The data revolution has changed law. You need a partner that has kept up.