Commercial Contracts: Review, Analysis, and Management

Purpose-built AI technology and expert human review, available on flexible terms

Accelerate Review and Analysis

Save time, cut costs, and mitigate risk by leveraging INNOV-8’s AI technology and legal expertise.

How Your Organization Benefits from the INNOV-8 Difference

Artificial intelligence makes for faster analysis
Human expertise enabled quality control
Build your own review team
Streamlined contract management workflow
Sophisticated contracts law expertise at reasonable rates
Available by subscription or on demand
Outsource your entire contract lifecycle

End-to-End Support

Whether reviewing contracts in the course of a commercial transaction (due diligence) or as part of your organization's contract management lifecycle, INNOV-8's Contracts team can assist with any and all stages of the contract lifecycle. 

From collecting documents for review and analysis to augmenting your legal and procurement teams by reviewing contracts for commercial compliance, our flexible engagement models are custom fit to suite your needs.

Enhance Your Response

Contract analysis and lifecycle management is meticulous and time-consuming, and many organizations find it challenging to juggle the management and renewal of existing agreements, the review and redlining of new agreements, and all their other responsibilities within their department. INNOV-8's contract services allow you to save time and money, allowing your team to focus their efforts on higher value tasks. 

Our AI-powered technology toolbox uses machine learning to help identify and analyze contracts, extracting the clauses and contract terms you are looking for. Whether reviewing a single contract from a vendor or 10,000 contracts in a commercial transaction, we leverage industry leading tools to do the heavy lifting. 

For organizations that require more long-term assistance, our Contracts managed services offering allows you to outsource your entire Contracts workflow or augment your in-house department with INNOV-8's Contracts team, whether using our systems or yours.

Contract review, analysis, and management doesn't have to be painful. Our team of lawyers and technologists can help.


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