E-Discovery: Managed Document Review

Human Audit and Machine Analysis to optimize results and reduce costs

Reduce Costs and Time

Reduce the cost and time associated with document review with INNOV-8's Managed Document Review services. 

Our technology driven approach provides flexibility at every turn, ensuring document review and production is both defensible and proportional. By combining advanced document review technology & Canadian lawyer oversight with offshore talent (where appropriate), we offer better results at a lower cost than competing providers.

How Your Organization Benefits from the INNOV-8 Difference

Advanced analytics & focused review
Advanced legal and evidentiary experience, on demand
Build your own review team
Pair with Collections for compounded savings

End-to-End Support

Our flexible managed document review services allow us to engage as little or as much as needed on a given matter. From reviewing pleadings and drafting the review memo to completing a first pass or subsequent reviews over the life of a matter, our team assists where and when you need us.

Flexible Canadian and Off-Shore Resources

INNOV-8’s document review team includes our INNOV-8Flex™ group, a team of Canadian and international contract lawyers working from Toronto and the Caribbean. INNOV-8 has a strategic partnership with the Norman Manley Law School (NMLS) at the University of the West Indies. 

NMLS is the Caribbean’s preeminent law school and one of the top-rated law schools in the world; its mandate is to prepare law students and lawyers for admission to practice in the Commonwealth Caribbean territories. INNOV-8’s partnership with NMLS enables us to source highly-trained, practicing legal professionals in a cost-effective manner.

Is your current document review process too slow and expensive? Our team of lawyers and technologists can help.


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