Anti-Black Racism Resources

The first voices to consult in this moment are Black voices.

As an organization, we intimately understand the impact of systemic Anti-Black Racism and take seriously our responsibility to play our part in its eradication. As a small step we provide the educational resources on this page to help facilitate an informed, frank, and positive conversation on the issue.

We plan to update this list as additional resources come to our attention.

Black voices from Canada and the U.S.:

Some helpful resources for adults:

Some helpful resources for children and parents. 

  • A Different Booklist

  • Another Story Bookshop

  • Here are some children’s books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance from an organization called ‘Embrace Race’.

  • A list of 10 ideas for how to use media to start and continue conversations about race and racism with your kids can be found here.

Our Call To Action.

We at INNOV-8 believe that most people in the world are good. Good people generally abhor oppression of one person or group by another. But good people with the power to bring about change don’t always speak-up. When only the people directly impacted by oppression speak, progress is unlikely — more often than not, that group is oppressed because they have little power and they have little power because they’ve been oppressed.

“Until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned”, our world will remain in turmoil. “Good” people of the world - together - black, white, Asian, Indian, First Nations, man, woman, male, female, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Rastafarian, LGBTQ, Other. The power to discredit and abandon racism is in your voice, speak!