Innov-8 Janna Budhlall

INNOV-8 is pleased to welcome Janna Budhlall, who joins us today for 6 months as our Intern, E-discovery and Client Services.

Janna is a licensed paralegal with a diploma from Durham College (where she also obtained a second diploma in Architectural Technology). She also holds a certificate in “Alternative Dispute Resolution - Conflict Management in the Workplace” from York University, adding to her growing list of impressive accomplishments!

In her INNOV-8 Welcome Profile, Janna provided lots of insight into her personality and work ethic. What stood out the most was:

- not meeting expectations, unclear instruction, and not receiving coaching and feedback would most discourage her at work;
- accomplishing targeted team goals, exceeding expectations, and advancement opportunities would most excite her at work;
- the best piece of advice she’s ever been given is "you know more than you think you know”; and
- she would tell her 18-year-old self to “stop looking over your shoulder, be a race horse”.

In her downtime from her quest for knowledge, Janna enjoys spending time with her dogs and pursues her dream of becoming a published author. We’ll certainly enjoy getting to know her better during “All Voices”!

Welcome to the fold, Janna!

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